ChainCreator Story

Because we believe in a decentralized future and the immense potential of blockchain technology, we aim to open up the blockchain space for everyone.

ChainCreator makes it easy for anyone to create, launch, and contribute to world-transforming blockchain projects. Our ecosystem is comprised of 3 main components, together creating the perfect environment for bringing innovative ideas to life.

First, a great idea calls for a skilled and experienced team for it to become a successful business. By joining CC Community, entrepreneurs can connect to the bright minds their projects need.

Next, freshly formed teams can launch their ICO on CC Market, a safe and trustworthy environment for entrepreneurs and token buyers alike.

Finally, all successful campaigns that have been launched on CC Market will have their token listed on CC Exchange— the most secure cryptocurrency exchange with 0% trading fees.

As a complementary service, we launched CC News, a free platform where all the latest news, articles, research, meetups, and events are aggregated, as staying up to date with the fast-changing world of crypto and blockchain is crucial.

“There is such a high demand for an online space where Blockchain projects get everything they need from team creation to token listing. We are working day and night to bring all this in the same place.” — Tünde Vass, CEO and Co-Founder